We Remember

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Our Beginning

       Lorenzo Harris

   Ann Harris

The Children of Lorenzo and Ann

      Robert   Harris

 Magnolia Blunt

The Children of Robert and Magnolia

Elder Harris

Essie Harris

Jessie Harris

Rosie Lee Harris

Beulah Nash Harris

Tom Nash Sr. (Husband)

Dave Harris

James Curry Harris

Daisy Lee Harris

Jonas "Bill" Harris

Themla Harris (Spouse)

Willie L Harris

Children of Beulah Nash Harris

James Curry "Baby" Nash

Milton Nash

Tom Nash Jr.

Children of Dave Harris

Clifford Harris

Children of Jonas "Bill" Harris

Jimmy Harris

Beulah Harris (Spouse)

Essie Turner

Children of Daisy Lee Harris

Dorothy Friend

The Grand Kids of original 10

Larry Friend (Mother - Dorothy Friend)